Lorna is an artist who moves around the world collecting stories, before hiding out in Malmö, Sweden to paint and skate for a few months each year. Her intricate watercolour representations of urban buildings and structures capture something more than just the bricks and mortar. They become the lens through which she views the world, and show something of the complex character and sociology of urban environments.

Her work includes the structures of the occupation in Palestine where she spent five weeks in 2016 working with SkatePal and documenting the cities of the West Bank when not at the skatepark in Asira Al-Shamaliya.

Over the years she’s been chronicling the slow spread of gentrification and the changing landscape of Shoreditch, London.

To 2017 where she followed the story of street art and graffiti in 11 cities around the world for her book ‘Painted Cities: Illustrated Street Art Around the World’ published by Head of Zeus.

She’s currently documenting the concrete playgrounds of DIY and unusual skateparks where her two passions of skating and painting concrete collide.

Her work goes beyond depictions of a single place or a single moment in time. The bodies of work telling tales of a changing world and something of the people that create the societies in which we live.


She is available for exhibitions, projects and commissions.